From the Evening News, July 13, 1972

BOLTON Health Committee wants fluoride to be added to the drinking water which the town receives from Manchester's supply. It made this recommendation yesterday in defiance of the 1968 referendum which proved that three out of four Bolton people opposed fluoridation


From the Evening News, July 14, 1947

GRACIE Fields makes a welcome return to broadcasting in this country after four years absence on July 23rd, when from her native Rochdale she stars in her own programme, 'Gracie's Working Party'. which will have 12 broadcasts from industrial districts all over the country.


From the Evening News, July 13, 1872

A SERIOUS disturbance occurred at Wick on Wednesday night. Cries were heard from within the walls of the Roman Catholic Presbytery, and public attention being directed to them, a large crowd gathered. Soon after a boy, who acts as a messenger to the priest, came out crying and with his throat bleeding. He represented that he had been severely injured by the priest, and in endeavouring to escape from him while he was holding him by the neck, he had used a knife, wounding both himself and the priest. The police took the boy in charge. Meanwhile a crowd of more than a thousand persons gathered at the place and made an indignant demonstration against the priest, hurling stones at the windows, about 200 panes being broken.

The priest has not ventured out since, but the authorities are investigating the case with a view to discover whether the statement of the boy can be supported. It is feared, however, that justice may be defeated, as the priest's story differs materially from that which the boy first gave.

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