SIR: The last thing we want at the junction of Bolton Road/Stoneclough Road is another road. We have to cross Bolton Road/Stoneclough Road quite a lot.

You have to take your life in your hands every day you cross. You wait for the lights to change to red and with traffic coming up Stoneclough you only have seconds to cross before they come speeding up the brow and seconds before the lights change for Bolton Road again, and the same on the way back. It is just as bad to cross Stoneclough to the White Horse.

It is bad enough to cross now, so no more roads please at this junction or we will never be able to get to other side. You will have traffic from each side of Bolton Road, then when they stop you will have traffic from Stoneclough Road and the new road. There will be no gap in the flow of traffic so how are we going to cross?

If the road goes ahead against the wishes of the people who do not want it, the only way to cross the road and be safe will be to have what has been done at Kearsley roundabout. Subways will have to be built under Bolton Road, Stoneclough and the new road.

We are not against the industrial park. It will be good for Kearsley. An accessible road from near the roundabout near the lay-by can be made with access to new park onto Lyon Estate The problem is going to be the exit road for the two estates. But an exit road also might be used for an access road to the old Railway Bridge onto the moss.

Mr H N Armstrong

Station Road, kearsley

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