A MOTHER-of-two from Deane described the nightmare she has been put through since her disability benefit was cut off.

Beverley Rae, of Chip Hill Road, said she has been plunged into the depths of depression by the situation.

She claims she has not received her Disability Living Allowance since it was stopped in March due to a catalogue of errors. She is now waiting for a medical review to be carried out and for her fate to be decided.

Beverley, aged 29, said she and her children Wanda, aged 10, and Zak, 9, now have to cope on Income Support even though she is in constant pain. She said: "Six specialists have given me different diagnoses, and it was said that I have a 'mechanical' disorder. The children are suffering because they have to do so much for themselves. They have to go to school on their own and cross dangerous roads because I am not able to walk them to school. I am not offered any help and I can't afford to send them in a taxi."

Ms Rae said: "Nobody accepts any responsibility for this mess and they are not living up to the standards they set themselves in the Patients' Charter. I thought this kind of allowance was there to look after people who are sick. But a lot of people in this area are actually suffering as a result of this system."

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