YOU can't keep a good man down and the Bolton Bullfrog, actor and singer Bernard Wrigley, is proof of that.

The man whose accent is pure Lanky is currently enjoying screen success on the other side of the divide - in the Yorkshire based soap Emmerdale.

Our Bernard has landed the part of Barry Clegg - the secret husband of Lisa Clegg, otherwise known as the 'Pig Lady'.

But the plot is complicated by the fact that Lisa and Barry, though still married, are separated. He lives in an outhouse at the bottom of the farm.

But his existence is an irritation to Lisa's intended - Zak Dingle, who has not only had to come to terms with the fact that the woman he loves is married, but that her husband still lives on the farm.

Emmerdale is just one in a long list of hit shows in which Bernard, who still lives in Horwich, has popped up in, with his unmistakeable croaky voice.

Programmes he has appeared in over the years include Coronation Street, Last of the Summer Wine, Children's Ward and Minder.

He's also a highly thought of theatre actor with many acclaimed performances at the Bolton Octagon and The Exchange in Manchester. And on the folk music circuit, multi-talented Bernard is almost a cult figure.

In fact his music has had a great impact in an unexpected corner - with Hollywood actor and BT frontman Bob Hoskins.

Back in the 70s before Hoskins found fame and fortune he worked alongside Bernard in a touring show. It was in that show that Hoskins was introduced to Bernard's special brand of music - including unforgettable songs like Grandad's Sweaty Feet.

In a foreward to the book in which these songs appeared, Hoskins wrote: "Those songs have stayed with me for more than 20 years. They are as much a part of me as anything Bob Dylan ever wrote."

A spokesman for Yorkshire TV was unable to say how long Bernard's contract with the show was for, but said he would be appearing in quite a few episodes.

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