BUBBLY comedienne Faith Brown can't wait for her Summer Holiday to begin in her beloved Blackpool.

The Liverpool lass is busy rehearsing in London for the first-ever stage show of Cliff Richard's musical movie, which opens at the Opera House in Blackpool on June 6.

She said: "I'm looking forward to getting back up North to begin dress rehearsals. Northerners are the best audience in the world - they're absolutely brilliant and are just out to enjoy themselves

"My character is a total dragon who revels in the publicity when her daughter runs off. I'm having loads of fun and the rest of the cast are fabulous. I can't wait to get to Blackpool to mother them all!"

It was at the Opera House where she first set out on the road to stardom and as a child she often visited Blackpool.

Faith explained: "One of my earliest memories was when I was six years old, walking along the Blackpool front. I'd just got this huge candyfloss and I was just about to sink my teeth into it when a boy rode past on a bike and pinched it.

"I was so upset, I sobbed my heart out. My family couldn't afford to get another one, and there was no way my brother would share his."

The busy comedienne is also learning lines for her new role in TV soap Brookside.

Faith said: "I'm so excited. I play a Merseyside woman who puts on airs and graces. And apparently she has some heavy storylines coming up."

You can see Faith's debut in the soap on May 21, but if you want to see her closer to home, along with Darren Day, Clare Buckfield of 2.4 Children and TV presenter Ross King, then book your tickets for Summer Holiday at the Opera House box office.

Auditions for bridesmaids in Summer Holiday are being offered at the Winter Gardens. The show needs two pretty girls with long hair aged between 10-12. They must be able to sing and move in tune and take two passport-size photographs with them to auditions. For details contact Brian Crompton on 293002.

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