MUSLIMS at a Bolton mosque were today hailing the "miracle of the aubergine". Their joy began when Ruksana and Salim Patel cut into an aubergine in the kitchen of their home - and discovered the name of their God inside! The pair gasped in amazement at the sight of seeds inside the fruit spelling out the Arabic word for Allah.

The young couple who, live in Essingdon Street, Daubhill, rushed to their priest, Mr Abdullah Patel, who lives just a few doors away.

Mr Patel, priest at the Masjid-e-Gosia Mosque, on Auburn Street, Daubhill, confirmed the outline of the word and said that "a miracle" had occurred.

Salim said: "My wife saw it first and shouted out to me.

"The name of our God, Allah, was spelt out in Arabic. It was a miracle. "I felt very proud and happy that this happened in our house. It is a great honour.

Priest Abdullah Patel, said: "This clearly shows people that our God exists. It is a message to the non-believers.

"It is a miracle and is the first time I have seen anything like this. I am very excited about it. There is no doubt that the seeds spell out Allah in Arabic. "We will put the aubergine in a protective case and place it in the mosque for men and boys in our community to look at when they pray.

"These things only happen to good people, so Mr Patel and his wife should feel very honoured."

Mr Patel bought the aubergine in a grocers' shop on Derby Street.

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