SIR: I was at the last of the famous Dog Shows at the Silverwell Sports Centre.

They used to be held on New Year's Day every year. That dated from when the Centre was the Drill Hall.

An architect at the dog show was saying the floor is sound and the walls are sound, the roof may have a leak, but nothing was coming through, although it was pouring with rain outside.

So come on, you are a Labour Council, voted in by the people of Bolton which includes sports people, wine and beer producers, and business people of Bolton showing off their products.

Look what has been done to the old Market Hall, which is now called the Market Place.

Now we have the Crompton Place, the Water Place, all bringing in money to the centre of Bolton. So really have a long think about this closure.

It could be called Silverwell Sports Place. Don't send these people who have held all these big functions out of Bolton Town Centre.

These are people who have voted for you. Do something for them. They are wonderful, and should be appreciated. When they want a Sports Centre as big as the Drill Hall, let it be there for them.

Mrs M P Mayoh

Dovedale Road, Breightmet

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