PROTESTERS have dumped masses of obsolete paperwork with a Bolton salvage firm - to demonstrate their anger at the waste caused by constant school curriculum changes.

School governors in Bolton claim the money wasted on changes in the National Curriculum could have been better spent in the town's schools.

A group of protesters representing Bolton primary schools were at Davidsons Waste Paper to dump hundreds of folders which are obsolete following the Dearing Report.

Originally teachers received a folder containing information on each subject under the National Curriculum.

And when it was changed new pages were added to each subject folder.

But now wholesale changes have been made and the old folders - and the pages of information inside - are useless.

Rae Hill, governor at St Osmund's RC Primary and St Columba's RC Primary schools said: "The Government has produced something in the order of £18m worth of waste paper in the form of National Curriculum folders.

"There are an average of 10 teachers in every primary school. The money wasted amounts to £100 a teacher in more than 100 primary schools in Bolton.

"And this is not to mention production costs or the cash spent on new folders introduced for the new school year."

Alice Chadbond, chairman of governors at Red Lane County Primary School said: "Why didn't the Government get it right first time?

"We are talking about a hell of a lot of money wasted in primary schools throughout the country. And thousands and thousands of pounds can be added to this if folders from secondary schools are included.

Mr Hill complained that the cash would have been better spent on keeping primary schools open and teachers in work.

He added: "There have been a range of cuts throughout the education system and a we are desperately short of cash in Bolton.

"Local governors have written to every single member of the Cabinet and none have had the courtesy to reply."

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