THE draw for the next round of the Sam Smith Team KO is as follows: Church v Rocket B; Jolly Waggoner v Railway; Rocket A v Breightmet A; Ellesmere v Bolton CC.

Matches to be played on April 5, winning teams to forward results to the secretary asap.

The EJL 5-0 will be held at Halliwell CRC on Wednesday, April 12. The following pairs are to be in attendance for an 8.30pm start: B Norris/J Wallwork (Breightmet A); J Iddon/A Richard, S Richards/K Hamer (Breightmet B); T Connelly/T Seals (BICA); G Neary/G Hurst, J Walton/H Filipak (Bolton CC); T Pitfield/M Derby (Church); G Unsworth/P Pearce, T Borg/M Banks (Cross Guns); T Kelly/T W Hamer (Ellesmere); J Hutchinson/D Thomas (Halliwell CRC); D Brown/F Brandwood, K Oakley/D Bromiley (Hen & Chicks); S Kinsella/N Jones, P Ashton/J Billington, J Beaney/B Thomasson (Jolly Waggoner); P Peacock/J Rothwell, D Palin/J Hamer (Rocket); J Cambray/J Brady, L Unsworth/A Merritt (Rumworth A); B Potter/L Lever (Star); D Holohan/H Stott (Wellington); G Gibbon/N Smith/D Holt (Rumworth Z).

Section A P Pts Cross Guns 18 32 Rumworth CC A 18 30 Jolly Waggoner 18 28 Plodder Lane 18 28 Bolton CC 18 27 Wellington 18 27 BICA 18 26 Rumworth CC Z 18 25 Breightmet A 18 25 Church 18 22 Section B Ellesmere RC 18 36 Jolly Waggoner 18 29 Hen & Chicks 18 29 Breightmet B 18 27 Star 18 27 Halliwell CRC 18 26 Sportsman 18 26 Rocket A 18 25 Railway Club 18 25 Rocket B 18 21