A HYPNOTIST has been recruited by two Bolton pubs in a bid to help smokers kick the habit.

Maloneys, in Nelson Square, and Number 15, in Churchgate, Bolton, have invited hypnotist Dave Holland to their town centre bars.

Mr Holland, aged 33, of Hindley Green, who claims he has a 100 per cent success rate with all the smokers he has hypnotised, will visit the pubs to speak to people about how they can stop smoking, or cut down drastically, with his help.

He will not hypnotise anyone in the pubs but will arrange one-to-one sessions with smokers.

Mr Holland said: "If someone wants to stop smoking, I can help them achieve that goal in a one-hour session.

"They will be amazed by what they learn about themselves, their reason for smoking and how powerful their own mind is. If they don't want to stop, but they're under pressure from their friends, family or their doctor, then I can help people cut down drastically"

"Smoking 20 cigarettes a day costs about £2,000 a year. An hour's hypnotherapy costs £65.

"It can save a fortune but also save a life."

The pubs will pay for the first 10 customers to be treated, and they have also negotiated a deal for other customers who want to give up.

People who want to stop will have to put their names in a hat, and the first 10 will receive the free treatment.

Smoking is due to be banned in all pubs, clubs and private members bars from next summer.