Name: Paul O'Neill Who are you?

Drummer and lead vocalist from 1970 1976 in the Bolton Iron Maiden When did you get together?

September 1967 The story so far...

Three friends formed Iron Maiden from Bolton' in 1967. They had their own fan base a large following and played their own brand of rock music. Sadly in 1976, guitarist Ian Boulton-Smith died from cancer before any material was released on record Now 30 years later drummer and lead vocalist Paul O'Neill has found and restored the four studio recordings and seven original songs that were recorded live on a tiny cassette recorder, by major Iron Maiden fan "Sag "and created the dream they always wanted an album called Maiden Flight.

The remaining band members hope to sell the CD via their new website to raise money, firstly to buy a bench for Christie's Hospital in Manchester, something Ian's Mum and Dad wanted to do, but never managed, and to raise money for Cancer Research and Macmillan Nurses Cancer Relief and present a cheque to the charities on June 23, 2006, the 30th anniversary of Ian's death.

Big news this week is... the band are going to play again. Original bassist Derek Austin and drummer and lead vocalist Paul have secured the services of a 27-year-old guitarist from Cambridgeshire, Dan Collins. Dan was a pupil of Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris (a close friend of Paul's), and is amazing for his age. The band hope they will be able to recapture some of the excitement generated by Ian 'Beak' Smith.

Paul's two daughters Rachael and Victoria are on backing vocals and assorted instruments will augment the band.

Thanks to the Bolton Evening News we have made contact with Noel PembertonBilling the replacement bass player for Derek and hoped he may play. Sadly due to other major commitments in his life he is unable to play but we hope he is going to make the gig and may be able to persuade him to play on a couple of numbers.

What do you sound like?

A little like the Who / Free / Led Zep and the early (famous) Iron Maiden sounded a little like us What's on your record player?

The Bolton Iron Maiden I'm trying to learn to play all the songs again but without the energy of a 19 year old it's not easy.

If you could play with one band, who would it be and why?

(The) Iron Maiden Just so I could have played with both versions of Iron Maiden What's been the highlight so far?

The release of the CD and the launch of the website the thrill when people from all over the world started to buy the CD, and the meeting on Saturday April 1 when 10 close friends and members of the band met at the Old Man and Scythe and decided definitely to do a reunion gig. Bass player Derek bought a new bass from Booths it was the first time he had played in 12 years.

It was a memorable day caught on film by Sag, who made all the original tapes of the band featured on the CD.

And the most embarrassing moment?

When the Metro newspaper printed an article which made out I had slagged off Iron Maiden not what I said at all. I had to apologise to the band and their manager Rod Smallwood, who were actually very good about it.

What's your definition of success?

Earning a living from my music What have you got lined up for the future?

On June 23 we have the launch of the CD and the reunion charity gig at the Soundhouse, which is now known as the "BIMMIE" (Bolton Iron Maiden Major Imbibing Event.

This will be the first time the Bolton Iron Maiden have played for over 30 years. The night will have a charity auction with donations so far from Rod Stewart, Manchester United, Bobbie Ball and Jamiroquai and of course loads of stuff from our good friends in McFly.

The on June 24 we are doing the Beak Trail where friends and fans of Beak will gather in Green Lane to visit Beak's home and the grave in St. Michael's Church, then on to his two favorite pubs the Brooklyn and the Greyhound.

How long before you can quit the day jobs?

The sooner the better.

If I was your fairy godmother and could grant you one wish, what would it be?

To play a stadium in front of an appreciative crowd.

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