IT might seem like an odd hobby for a man of 52.

But LEGO building blocks are anything but child’s play to Robert Clarkson.

And the father-of-two’s creations using the simple toy parts are testament to that.

For his latest models form the centrepiece of a new Heroes of Energy exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Manchester.

Alongside fellow members of the Brickish Association, a community of adult LEGO fans, Mr Clarkson is displaying models that show different forms of energy.

They include a replica of Betsy, Fred Dibnah’s famous steam engine, of which Mr Clarkson is most proud.

He said: “There is also an interactive bit where the children can make their own sail car and see how far it can travel under wind power.”

Mr Clarkson, of Timsbury Close, Darcy Lever, regularly organises LEGO events and exhibits at MOSI.

They include tripods from War of the Worlds, the cable car scene from the film Where Eagles Dare and a football stadium with playable game.

“My biggest model so far though is a representation of the Roman Fort from the Castlefield area in Manchester,”

he said.

“It was made specially for the exhibition I organised at the museum last year and contained around 5,000 bricks and pieces.”

Many of Mr Clarkson’s models are on display around the country.

His next project will be to build a mosaic of the Bolton Wanderers logo.

He also runs the first aid stall at the Reebok Stadium.

The mental health nurse, who works at the Royal Preston Hospital, says that he always loved LEGO as a child but it was not until his wife, Sandra, bought him a toy helicopter in 1993 that his love was rekindled.

He said: “I try to keep my LEGO purchases to around £550 a year but know I fail miserably,” he says. He is currently in the process of buying 100 toy bananas.

“My wife thinks I'm bananas as well,” he laughs.

“But when people tell me to ‘get a life’, I remind them that this is it and I'm enjoying it. Are they?”

The exhibition at the science museum runs through the Easter Holidays.

Doors open at 10am and the event is free.