I’m simply not a fan of Am Dram productions – or at least I wasn’t until tonight when six people changed my mind, perhaps forever.

Picture the scene. I was slumped at the back of the auditorium, I knew football was on the tele, and I if truth be told, I would rather have been watching it.

Then the curtain was raised – and they had me from the start.

Tyldesley Little Theatre’s production of Ghost Writer was magnificent; a whodunit performed by a cast of six actors with consummate skill.

The plot centres on a writer who is suffering from depression on the year anniversary of his wife’s death. His pal makes jovial attempts to perk him up, but it is the ghost of his former missus who eventually gets under his skin – and sets up what plays out to be a funny, and sometime touching affair.

Director Jenny Whur has been devilish in her inclusion of more than a smattering of double entendre - and in some cases pure comedic filth.

Many of the risqué elements are a bit too racy for a family publication; but if I were to say superglue, glitter and a man’s unmentionables, you might just get the drift.

This was a production that simply relied on the skills of the cast. There were no gimmicks, just the passion and ability of the six performers. Ian Taylor held things together well as the despairing playwright, Edwards. His leading lady, Ingrid Folkard-Evans was magnificent as the ghost of his dead wife, Ruby, with her well-times catty putdowns a true highlight.

Alex Clark delivered just the right amount of ‘comedy camp’ to play the role of Edward’s gay pal and landlord, Alex, while Rachel Hill, who was making her debut for the TLT as Edward’s new love interest, Glenda, impressed.

Tribute must be paid to the ability of the impossibly pompous alcoholic jobbing actor, Hedley, who was played to perfection by Tony Thompson, while Joyce Elder did a solid job in the role of Frances, an apparent cosmetic surgery addict.

There are enough twists and turns in this production to keep the audience on their toes. And while the sound of applause rang out at the end, it was the sound of laughter that ruled the evening.

Am Dram…twee? Who said that? Certainly not me. This could well be the start of a long-lasting love affair.

Until May 22.

Venue: TLT, Lemon Stret, Tyldesley.