AMBULANCE staff who saved the life of a dog trapped in a blazing building have been recognised for their efforts by an animal charity.

Steve Pearson and Ruth Connick — both based at Bolton South ambulance station — have been presented with The James Newton Memorial Trophy by Bolton RSPCA.

Staffordshire bull terrier Bronte was rescued by firemen from a blaze at the Black Horse pub in Farnworth, in December last year, but was barely alive.

Although an animal ambulance was called no estimated time of arrival could be given.

Knowing Bronte’s life was in their hands paramedic Steve Pearson and technician Ruth Connick immediately began resuscitation by giving her oxygen and massaging Bronte’s chest.

Thanks to them Bronte made a full recovery.

Mr Pearson said: “We arrived at the scene of the fire to find that two occupants had already escaped the blaze by jumping from a first floor window.

“They reported that their dog was still inside so the fire brigade went in to rescue it. They brought out the unconscious dog and I, along with the help of my colleague Ruth Connick, immediately began resuscitation by giving the dog oxygen and massaging its chest.

“We also syringed water into the dog’s mouth and monitored her.

“We are both absolutely thrilled that we are being given this prestigious award. I believe we only did what any other ambulance person would do and were so glad to hear that Bronte survived her ordeal.”

Bronte was later collected by her owners, who have since m o v e d away from the area following the pub blaze.

T h e J a m e s N e w t o n M e m o r i a l Trophy is awarded annually by Bolton RSPCA for an act of compassion such as this one.”