Football fans should not wallow in their misery if they want to get over the disappointment of England’s World Cup defeat, according to experts.

Psychologist Professor Mark Griffiths, from Nottingham Trent University, offered the following tips to cope with the pain.

1. Firstly, remember we have been here many times before, and your depression following the England defeat will be short-lived.

2. You also have to rationalise your thoughts. If you thought England played badly, then say to yourself: ‘They deserve to go out’.

If you thought they played well but still got knocked out, say: ‘They played a better team who may well go on to win the World Cup’.

3. Keep telling yourself that England did brilliantly in qualifying (remaining unbeaten).

4. Don’t wallow in your misery. Think about the things you feel good about. You need to channel your frustration into healthy pursuits.

5. Put things into perspective. There are many things that are much worse than England losing - family bereavement, divorce, chronic poor health, exam failure. England losing is not the end of the world!

6. Remember you had absolutely no control over England losing. Your happiness should not be dictated by things you cannot possibly control. Take pride in your work, your friends, your family and your own achievements.

7. Console yourself in other English sports.

8. Use laughter - it really can be the best medicine. Watch something light on television or watch one of your favourite DVDs.

9. Use ‘distractor tasks’ to take your mind off the pain of England losing. Anything that stops you thinking about the final score will do you good.