BOLTON donk pioneers The Blackout Crew are getting ready to storm the charts again — with the soundtrack to the latest Pot Noodle advert.

The Crew have provided the backing to the advert for Pot Noodle’s new “sticky rib” flavour, which is currently being aired on our TV screens.

The video features rapping and dancing by Pot Noodle characters Steve and Digger, but the music is a fast and furious donk beat laid down by Bolton’s finest exponents of the genre.

Donk, for the uninitiated, is a popular underground dance movement featuring fast and heavy bouncy house dance beats and rapping.

The Blackout Crew, who were formed when they met at the Harmony Project youth club in Halliwell, are the best-known musicians in the scene, with their hits, Bbbbounce, and the genre-defining anthem, Put a Donk On It.

The advert is only 30 seconds long, but a full length three-minute song, called Sticky Rib, is available as a limited free download now — just 10,000 are available.

It will get the full record launch treatment next month, but MC Viper, aka Kurtis Chadwick, revealed that Sticky Rib will be The Blackout Crew’s last donk song.

He said: “We hope it’s going to open new doors completely.

“We’re going to dabble in different styles — we’re going to try and look for more what people are wanting at the moment and mix it with our own unique sound.

“It’ll be more mainstream but it’ll still have that edge that defines us.”

MC Zak K, aka Zak Kabbani, said: “We want something fresh. We don’t want to keep doing the same thing all the time.”

Blackout Crew producer Tony Sabanskis said: “Diddy did it with Courvoisier, we are doing it with Pot Noodle.

“We make banging, quick beats, they are the banging‚ quick snack. It just makes sense and we’re glad Pot Noodle are giving us this platform.”

The popular advert was directed by Joseph Kahn, who has made videos for Lady Gaga, Pussycat Dolls and Eminem.

Pot Noodle spokesman Tom Denyard said: “By working with The Blackout Crew, we hope to spread some donk around the UK and give Pot Noodle fans a flavour for the underground.”

Go to for a free download of the song.