THE Blue Lagoon is full again — just weeks after its owner pulled the plug.

The swift disappearance of water at the beauty spot sparked outrage in Bolton and thousands of people joined an internet campaign to save it.

But now, after spells of heavy rain, the lodge has been restored to its former glory.

It will not remain full, however, as the lagoon is slowly emptying —again.

Campaigner Railton Hirst, who set up the Save The Blue Lagoon facebook campaign, said it took just three days of rainfall for the lagoon to refill.

He added: “It has reminded people what we stand to lose if nothing happens.

“When it was draining, it didn’t look too pretty, and it sparked some people to say we might as well get rid. work still needs to be done, however, so it will have to be emptied again.”

The Blue Lagoon, officially known as Ward’s Reservoir, was drained in May.

It needs about £40,000 of work to bring it up to the legal standard required by the Environment Agency, which says the 150-year-old reservoir does not meet modern flood-risk standards.

Julian Smith, the boss of Belmont Holdings, pulled the plug on the reservoir because he said he would not pay £40,000 for something which had no commercial value.

But he has said that he would be prepared to hand the reservoir over to a trust.

Drainage of the remaining water slowed because of the arrangement of the reservoir’s three valves.

Cllr Jean Rigby, who is fighting to save the reservoir, said: “There is a large collecting area surrounding the Blue Lagoon so it is filling up faster than it is draining.

“At the moment, though, nothing has changed in respect of the future of the site.

“For Mr Smith, it doesn’t make financial sense for him to put the money into restoring the lagoon.”

The Blue Lagoon can hold 150,000 cubic metres of water and has a surface area of 28,000 square metres when full.

A large part of the reservoir is only a few feet deep, but it sinks to a depth of about 80ft at its lowest point