GIRLS taking part in Get Hooked on Fishing sessions at Bradshaw Fisheries are proving that anything the boys can do, they can do better.

Although it is often seen as a male preserve, there are theories that women are better at fishing due to the pheromones given off by their skin.

And at a muslim girls’ fishing session, the number of catches seemed to substantiate the theory.

The sessions are run by Bridget Dawson — one of only a few female angling coaches in the UK.

When Bridget took her coaching certificate in 2004 she was one of only eight women qualified to be a coach.

Since then the number has risen to 37 nationwide, and Bridget says that around 20 per cent of the young people she works with are female, although that percentage drops quite dramatically among adult anglers.

She said: “Generally it is still seen as a male dominated sport “I don’t think that men talk as much as women, and so the peace and quiet is a big element, as is the outdoor aspect.

“But I’ve always found that as a woman I’ve been treated really well.”

Although Bridget was not familiar with the theory that female pheromones attract more and bigger fish, her colleague John Preston was.

“There are a lot of people who say that the pheromones in women’s skin do attract the fish,” he said. “The British record for the biggest salmon ever caught is held by a woman.”

The girls taking part in the sessions caught dozens of fish and all agreed that girls were probably better than boys at fishing.

Sadia Arshad, aged nine, said: “I find it really fun. I like catching the big fish, although I do get a bit squeamish.”

Rabia Rafiq, aged 10, added: “It’s really interesting, I’m definitely going to keep coming.”