VISITORS of all faiths were welcomed at a mosque to learn more about what Muslims do during Ramadan.

The Zakariyya Mosque in Peace Street, Daubhill, opened its doors to members of the local community on Sunday to take part in Iftaar — a fast-breaking ceremony.

Muslims observe a fast from dawn to sunset for one month during Ramadan. The aim is to improve themselves spiritually and gain a greater sense of appreciation and concern for others less well off.

The visitors were given dates and water, which is traditionally the first food and drink taken when the fast is broken.

It was followed by a tour of the mosque and having their questions answered by the Imaam, Rashid Musa.

The event was organised to promote better understanding of the faith and to help create harmony between the communities.

A spokesman for the mosque said: “Ramadan is a time when Muslims push themselves in religious practices. It becomes a time of great family and community togetherness.

“Events like these not only allow non-Muslims in the community to see what we do during Ramadan, but help to create a better understanding of the Muslim culture and foster better relations among the wider Bolton family.”

Paddy Hayes, who came with his wife, Stephanie, said: “I was invited to go along by a colleague who I normally have discussions with regarding Islam.

“It was a very interesting few hours. I had a small insight into Islam, but the day has widened my outlook. It gave me a different perspective on life and it was very positive seeing a full congregation deeply into their faith.”

Another visitor, a church warden at St Margaret’s in Halliwell, said: “It was a very worthwhile visit and we found it to be very informative. I was overwhelmed by the courtesy and hospitality.

“We found the Imaam to be very knowledgeable regarding the community and all the questions asked of him throughout the day.”