GRETAR Steinsson reckons a new found direction at the Reebok has convinced him to become a Wanderer for life.

The full-back has settled in the town since his move from Dutch club AZ Alkmaar nearly three years ago, and admits he is now more comfortable on the pitch following the arrival of Owen Coyle as manager.

Now, the 28-year-old is looking to lay firm roots down – in a similar manner to former Icelandic legend Gudni Bergsson – and remain in the North West for come considerable time to come.

“I really hope I get the opportunity to be here for many years to come because I get the feeling we are going somewhere,” he said.

“I’ve got some years to go on my contract, I haven’t been counting. I want to stay here for a long time and then after I finish, do something for the club because I love the place.

“I’m just glad that after all the hard, hard work of the last few years that it is now starting to turn.

“It’s fantastic to see how it is changing. I’m proud and pleased to be here.”

Steinsson claimed earlier this week that the words of former Reebok boss Gary Megson had helped serve to inspire Wanderers to their unbeaten start to the season.

The ex-Whites chief defended his two-and-a-half years at the club, during which time several high-profile fall-outs with supporters had served to sour the mood on the terraces Victory against Birmingham tomorrow, however, would make it the most successful three-game start since 2001, and popular defender Steinsson is convinced a new approach on the pitch can help win back the supporters who became disenfranchised during the Megson reign.

“From day one in pre-season it has changed around here,” he said. “You see that everything has lifted and that the club is really going somewhere.

“As a player and as a fan of the club, I want to be a part of that. I want to see how far we can actually get.

“If we could get more fans down to the Reebok seeing how hard we work every week, then it would be great.

“It’s a totally different team than it has been in recent years. We work hard but we have the entertainers as well.”