SOLDIERS who came under attack in a Farnworth nightclub said it was worse than being on the front line.

The three have all served in Afghanistan — but told a court they were more frightened in the club.

Para Adam Evans, who was glassed in the neck and stabbed in the leg, told Bolton Crown Court he had treated fellow soldiers for similar wounds who had later died.

Another of the soldiers, Jamie Morton, who was kicked and punched on the ground, said he feared he was going to die.

He added: “It felt like they were trying to kill me — I have never been involved in such a violent act.”

Three of their attackers—Ben Barlow, Christopher Mahoney and Christopher Brennan —were jailed yesterday after pleading guilty to violent disorder.

Barlow, who smashed the pint glass on Mr Evans’ neck, also admitted wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The incident happened on May 22 in Bar Retro in Farnworth, shortly after 3am.

The defendants had been thrown out of the club following an earlier fracas and the front doors were locked so they could not get back in.

But they managed to get in through a side door and attacked the group of soldiers at the top of some stairs.

The court heard that a shoe was thrown towards one of the victims, Corporal Ross Dewhurst, who picked it up and threw it back.

Minutes later, Mahoney was seen on CCTV to come up the stairs and assault Mr Dewhurst.

Brennan then arrived behind him joined in the attack.

Barlow then attacked Mr Evans with the glass before punching him three times.

Mr Evans was also stabbed in the leg but the court heard it was not clear who caused this injury.

Brennan was seen to push Mr Dewhurst down the stairs with the help of a fourth man, Conner Bentham.

Mr Morton was then attacked outside the club by a group of men and he was kicked and punched.

Brennan was shown on CCTV to have been involved in this incident.

Judge William Morris said: “These victims were all injured. Mr Evans was very gravely injured indeed.

“Even now, months later, he is severely scarred on his neck and face.

“Mr Morton was scared for his life.

“Mr Dewhurst said he had never experienced anything of that violence before.

“All three of these victims have each been in harm’s way in Afghanistan.

“All three of them spoke of the great fear they felt during this incident and their shock to come back to this country and face such violence in a club when out on a Saturday night.”

Barlow, aged 21, of Ashaw Close, Little Hulton, was jailed for five years.

Brennan, aged 36, of Charles Street, Swinton, was given 20 months.

Mahoney, aged 31, of Ashaw Terrace, Little Hulton, was jailed for two years and four months.

Bentham, aged 19, of Barry Crescent, Worsley, was given a community order at an earlier hearing.