THE owners of a dog watched in horror as their pet was savaged by a dog in a popular park.

Rosemary Robinson was walking her 18-month-old shitzu-chihuahua cross, Sophie, in Queens Park, Bolton, with her daughter, Deborah, when the dog was attacked by a bull mastiff-type dog.

Mrs Robinson is now calling for park rangers to be vigilant to prevent any more attacks.

The 53-year-old, from nearby Royal Court Drive, was walking her dog at around 2.30pm on Sunday.

She and her daughter were sitting on a bench watching Sophie play when the attack took place. Mrs Robinson said: “There were two great big dogs that looked like bull mastiffs.

“One of them went for Sophie, sank its teeth into her body and tried to shake her from side to side.

“Deborah managed to grab hold of the dog to stop it injuring Sophie more, and I had to stand in the path of the other dog to stop it joining in.

“If we had not been there, Sophie would have been ripped apart.”

The family’s dog suffered puncture wounds on her back, but a vet has said she should make a full recovery.

Mrs Robinson added: “What alarmed me most was the couple that owned the dogs watched it all and did nothing.

“The man mumbled ‘sorry’, grabbed the dogs and left quickly.

“People saw what happened and were shocked.

“Sophie is such a friendly dog and would never harm anyone.

“This has shaken her deeply. People out walking their dogs should be aware of this problem.”

Police were called to the incident, but cannot investigate dogs attacking other dogs.

The RSPCA has now issued a warning to all dog owners to make sure their animals are kept under control.

A spokesman said: “All owners have a duty to keep their dogs under control and to train them in a way that discourages aggression towards people and other animals.

“Neutering dogs can help reduce acts of aggression, as does good training, socialising and handling.

“The RSPCA encourages any dog owners who are worried about their pet’s aggressive behaviour to consult the police, or a vet.

“If a dog is dangerous, the police should always be informed first.”