UNITE Against Fascism leaders accused of conspiracy to incite violent disorder will have no further action taken against them.

Weyman Bennett, Rhetta Moran and Paul Jenkins were arrested after a rally in Bolton town centre on March 20.

The rally was organised by the English Defence League, and the UAF held a counterrally on the same day.

Police have confirmed the Crown Prosecution Service advised no further action should be taken against the three UAF leaders.

Mr Bennett, joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, and Dr Moran, joint secretary of Manchester Unite Against Fascism, were interviewed twice in relation to the allegations and have waited eight months to discover their fate.

A campaign group, Justice4bolton, which claims police used heavy-handed tactics on the day, was set up following the rally.

Mr Bennett said: “I am pleased I can now continue my anti racist work without this serious allegation hanging over me. It is imperative we continue to protest to protect our multi-racial communities.”

Dr Moran added: “I am very grateful for all the support from the Justice4bolton campaign.”

Mr Jenkins, UAF North West organiser, added: “The decision to take no further action against anti fascists is a victory for everyone opposing racism and fascism. All anti fascists and anti racists should take confidence from the police decision not to take further action and help build a bigger UAF movement.”

Howard Gough, reviewing lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said: “I have concluded that there is insufficient evidence to bring charges in this instance.”

Police confirmed that no further action is being taken, but declined to comment further.