Police have dismissed claims in The Sun this morning that Coronation Street's live show will be targeted by Al-Qaeda.

The force says it has not received any word of a threat by Muslim fanatics or any other terrorist organisation.

The downmarket tabloid reported today that police were "throwing a ring of steel" around the live epidode, having been "tipped off that the ITV1 soap's historic 50th anniversary broadcast from Manchester could be hit by a terror strike."

An unnamed "source" on the show told the paper: "It's a nightmare scenario. For Corrie bosses there is the possibility of this tragic episode turning into a real-life tragedy."

Despite The Sun quoting from an unnamed police source who appeared to confirm the threat, Superintendent Jim Liggett, said: "I want to clarify that we have categorically not been made aware of any threat from Al-Qaeda or any other proscribed organisation.

"Quite simply, Granada approached GMP to inform us they were employing a private security firm to help ensure tonight's live programme went ahead without outside interference.

"As part of their operation they asked for police assistance and we agreed to deploy a very small number of officers and PCSOs to help patrol the set's perimeter fence.

"This small police operation will be paid for by Granada and will not cost taxpayers a extra penny.

"To reiterate there is no specific intelligence threat to Coronation Street or any such event. However, the UK threat level remains at severe and people are encouraged to be vigilant."