A MINISTER is set to deliver a week of sermons using Twitter in an attempt to reach a younger audience.

Stephen Lingwood , minister of Bank Street Unitarian Chapel in Bolton town centre, will preach a 10-tweet sermon every day next week, beginning on February 14.

The mini-sermons will cover everything from banking and Buddhism to meditation and gay rights.

The church will also post five video sermons on YouTube.

Mr Lingwood said: “The internet is a part of many people’s lives today.

“People shop, keep up with friends and date online.

“It is only natural that people will explore their spiritual lives on the web too. I believe there is still a place for meeting physically, but the Internet is still a great place to find out more about a religion or church and what it stands for.

“We believe we have a great message about open minded, liberal spirituality, and are happy to use any medium to get that message out.”

The week of online messages will lead up to an open invite Sunday at the church on February 20 at 10.45am.

Twitter is a social networking site where updates or “tweets” are limited to 140 characters.

Famous Bolton tweeters include Paddy McGuinness, Amir Khan, Sir Ian McKellen and Vernon Kay.

It is not the first time in recent weeks that churches have used modern technology to try to reach a wider audience.

The Catholic Church has just released an iPhone application, allowing users to use their mobile phone to go to confession.

à Watch Mr Lingwood’s sermons online at youtube.com/bankstreetu nitarians or boltonunitarians.

org.uk. You can follow his sermons on Twitter by visiting twitter.com/BoltonUnitarian