OWEN Coyle is hoping the Reebok’s new theme tune will continue to keep Wanderers on song.

There has been a mixed reception to the new goal celebration tune after it got its first airing in the 3-2 victory over Aston Villa.

Wanderers blasted the Depeche Mode classic “Just Can’t Get Enough” over the speakers in a bid to amplify the atmosphere around the stands.

They used a similar trick on the club's return to the Premier League with James Brown's “I Feel Good” and have also used Tony Christie’s “Is This the Way to Amarillo” sparingly down the seasons.

Coyle explained that the decision was part of Wanderers’ efforts to improve the matchday experience.

“The important thing is that we try and build an atmosphere, and that it gets better,” he told The Bolton News.

“It's not my personal favourite but it might prove to be if we keep using it because it means we've scored goals.

“The fans were brilliant against Aston Villa and we want them to enjoy what we are doing. Long may that continue because they love to watch us score.”

The tune – which first hit the UK charts in 1981 – is also used by Glasgow Celtic and Coyle's former club Burnley.

“It isn't anyone's music in particular but it's something I used at Burnley and they do at six or seven other stadia around the country,” the manager said.

“The IT boys at this club are terrific and they've been scouring for the right thing that can help us.

“Everyone knows the atmosphere we had at Burnley and the music we had. It's an entertainment and if you are going to enjoy your afternoon, you need the little bits and pieces to go along with it.”