NOT everyone enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the international markets in Victoria Square at the weekend.

“I don’t like the crowds,”

said Michael Wilson, “we went there earlier and it was okay at first but then when people start bumping into you, you start to panic.”

The 17-year-old from Horwich has autism, a condition he was diagnosed with at the age of two.

He and his mum Claudette, aged 40, were at Bolton Library on Saturday for World Autism Awareness Day. The human library event saw 12 people, affected by autism, tell their stories.

Mrs Wilson said: “We always have a set plan before we do anything.”

Michael is studying business as well as health and social care at Rumworth School and hopes to move on to Bolton College and is also looking to get a job at his local supermarket. The library event was held by Bolton Council in partnership with NHS Bolton.