HE has been named the country’s favourite comedian — but it appears that Peter Kay might have another string to his bow.

The record-breaking Bolton comic was pictured on the American website Top News alongside a story detailing plans by the UK government to put elective surgeries on hold in order to save money.

However, anyone suffering bone or joint problems probably won’t be seeing the Phoenix Nights star on their way to the operating theatre any time soon — it was a simple mistake.

The mix-up happened as Kay shares the same name as the British Orthopaedic Association president, consultant surgeon Peter Kay, who is based at Wrightington Hospital, in Wigan.

Simon Scott, from the British Orthopaedic Association, said: “It’s very funny — I’m sure our Mr Kay would be very flattered!”

He added that this was the first time he had heard of anyone actually confusing the two men.

However, while the comedian is unlikely ever to be a surgeon, it seems possible that the British Orthopaedic Association’s Mr Kay could make a living as a stand-up.

His personal website includes a section of orthopaedic jokes, with gems including “Why do anaesthetists take an instant dislike to orthopaedic surgeons?

Because it saves time,”

and “What is the difference between God and an orthopaedic surgeon? God does not think he is an orthopaedic surgeon.”

The comedian Peter Kay, pictured, will return to Manchester in September for 19 tour dates.

Other notable Peter Kays include the Football Association’s national investment manager and a genetics expert.