A PATIENT attacked a doctor in his surgery because he was unable to prescribe him anti-psychotic medication, a court heard.

Craig Allen, aged 29, punched Dr Zafar Chowdhury in the face several times, knocking his glasses off, and threw a chair towards him which knocked his computer off the desk.

Nicola Ormerod, prosecuting, told Bolton Magistrates Court that Allen also kicked the doctor in the shin at Highfield Surgery in Farnworth on April 5.

The court heard Allen launched into the attack when he asked the doctor to prescribe him antipsychotic drugs. Dr Chowdhury offered him sleeping pills, but said anti-psychotics had to be prescribed by a specialist.

Allen, of Cross Street, Farnworth, had been in hospital a few days earlier after taking an overdose.

He pleaded guilty to assault at court yesterday, and the case was adjourned for a presentence report. Magistrates warned him that custody is an option.

Miss Ormerod read a statement from Dr Chowdhury to the court, which said: “The whole incident was very distressing for me. I am upset that despite my best efforts he still acted in this manner.”

The court heard he did not suffer any lasting injuries.

Michelle Dance, defending, said: “I have to concede this was an unpleasant incident for Dr Chowdhury.

“Mr Allen is remorseful for his actions. He felt that the doctor was sarcastic to him and was being unhelpful.”

The court heard that Allen suffers from some mental health issues.

The case has been adjourned until May 12 for sentence.

A spokesman for NHS Bolton said: “No one should have to suffer abuse in their work, especially when that person is providing care.

There is no excuse for any kind or violent or verbal abuse against healthcare professionals. They are there to help people.”