WHEN Kath Jones wanted a celebrity to endorse her new-look hair salon, she didn’t have to look too far.

For her son Danny Jones, a member of smash-hit band McFly, was on hand to perform the honours.

“He offered,” said Kath, “I’m so proud that he supports local businesses and organisations.”

But there was something in it for Danny as well.

“He actually had his hair cut on Saturday,” said Kath, who has owned the hairdressers in the Last Drop Village for more than 20 years.

The Village Studio has been renamed Xcel as part of a £15,000 investment to give it a trendy look. The transformation was part of a refurbishment of the complex, overseen by Kath and Steve Walsh, her partner and business partner.

Members of the public were greeted with champagne as they eagerly awaited the arrival of Danny, many of whom were clients.

Danny said: “The salon looks amazing , I’m loving it.

“I wanted to support my mum, because she has not had something like this before. It is so different to what it was like.”

He added: “I do like to support businesses and organisations in Bolton, because it is where I’m from.

“It’s brilliant so many people have turned up to support my mum, I never expected it.”

Despite celebrating the opening of the salon with his family the night before, he greeted autograph hunters and even belted out songs with his sister Vicky later in the afternoon.

Vicky said: “I’m so proud of my mum. Last time I sang with my brother was when they played at the MEN arena in 2007.”