THE decision to close the doors on five of Bolton’s libraries will be looked at again - after councillors claimed the process was too ‘hasty’.

Members of the Adult, Community Services and Children’s Services Scrutiny Committee have referred the decision back to the council for a full vote, which will take place on Wednesday evening, after it was called-in at the meeting tonight.

Council bosses voted in favour of closing Astley Bridge, Oxford Grove, Heaton, Highfield and Castle Hill - a third of the town’s libraries last week.

The libraries have been earmarked for closure to save the council 400,000 from libraries as part of wider £64 million budget cuts over two years.

Council leader Cllr Cliff Morris said if the decision was upheld closures would take place over six months starting from April, 2012.

He said there is still time for members of the public to form business plans if they wanted to continue running the facilities on their own.

Cllr David Greenhalgh, for Bromley Cross, said: "I would be a fool to say we don’t have to make cuts but it has been done with undue haste."