FOR years, youngsters have been taking their cycling proficiency tests to make sure they can safely ride their bikes.

Now green campaigners are offering cycling classes to adults in a bid to get them to swap their cars for bikes.

Colin Unsworth is a cycling instructor for BikeRight and is also a member of a group trying to make Bolton a Transition Town — a status given to places where likeminded people work together with the wider community to make an area more sustainable and environmentally aware.

The 41-year-old is now offering classes to adults in Bolton to improve their confidence and skills on the road.

It is for people who have not been on a bike for years, as well as more experienced riders.

Mr Unsworth, from Great Lever, said: “I know that a lot of people want to make the transition to bikes but people don’t feel confident about it.

“There are on the road sessions and classroom sessions, where we go through the common misconceptions.

“The number one fear is safety on the roads, but statistics show cycling is as safe as walking. The main aim is for people to feel assertive when cycling so that they can enjoy it more.

“A lot of adults feel they don’t need training, but we have had feedback from everyone who has been on the course to say they have learned things, and that is from people who have not been on a bike since they were a kid to club cyclists.”

The next session takes place at The Green House, Quebec Place, off Quebec Street, Bolton, on Sunday, November 13.

For more information contact Vicky Urmston on 01204 695093.