A FORMER solicitor, who has been banned from every pub in Bolton town centre, has been convicted of common assault.

Angus Julian Mackay Diggle was found guilty following a trial at Bolton Magistrates Court.

The court heard on August 16, the 55-year-old of Bromwich Street, Bolton, lunged at Andrew Brocklehurst, an officer from G4S , security services provider, who had turned up at his house to install equipment.

Mr Brocklehurst said: “I was about to leave, which is company protocol if you get any hassle. I was about to explain that it was to fit equipment, he seemed to lunge at me, I was about to turn around and he grabbed hold of my arm, I instinctively pulled away. I started to walk away, the gentleman followed me ranting and raving at me in an very aggressive manner.”

Mr Brocklehurst pressed his emergency panic button because he said he “felt threatened”. Diggle denied the charge and said he had no idea someone was at the door and “got a shock” to see someone when he opened it.

He added: “I did not lunge at him at all. I would not be able to reach him.”

The ex-lawyer, who is banned from town centre pubs as part of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order, admits he may have walked down the drive. Diggle told the court: “I do not rant and rave. I wasn’t being abusive.”

The bench found Diggle guilty of common assault by beating.

Diggle was sentenced to a two year conditional discharge and was told to pay £50 compensation to Mr Brocklehurst and £50 court costs.

He was given a two-year ASBO in summer 2010 after he was caught urinating in the street and swore at police when he was confronted by officers.

Following Diggle’s sentence, John Wheater, managing director of Electronic Monitoring, G4S Care and Justice Services, said: “G4S is pleased with this verdict. We will not hesitate to take action against those whose behaviour will put this at risk.”