IT MAY be better know for selling white goods.

But online retailer DRL has invested £750,000 in video studios that many TV production companies would be proud of — to make presenter-led reviews about hundreds of kitchen appliances.

DRL, based at Aspinall Close, Middlebrook, is the UK’s largest online kitchen appliance retailer. It is making videos for its Appliances Online website about fridges, freezers, ovens, hobs, washers and other equipment .

The website features more than 2,500 product reviews and DRL has set itself a target of producing 4,000 of them.

The firm says more than 90 per cent of consumers use the internet to research products, so it decided to produce video reviews to let consumers to make an informed decision.

More than one million people have watched Appliances Online video reviews in a month.

DRL says the videos make consumers 56 per cent more likely to put products into online shopping baskets and it has seen a 20 per cent sales increase.

It says 815 days worth of video reviews are watched every month.

DRL has 630 employees and its Bolton town centre video studio, launched in 2010, now employs 19 staff Adam Cooper, the multimedia production manager, said: “What distinguishes Appliances Online from the rest is that we have our own video studios and in-house team who love their jobs and want to make these appliances look cool.

“Video is the future of online retail and it becomes more apparent every day that consumers want the best deals. They want it fast and online is the best way to get that.”

Other staff include senior editor Marc Crompton, script writer Sophie Boast, animator Andy Hill and production co-ordinator Luke Evans.

Presenters include Samantha Hilton, Jasia Painter, Grant Bradley, Kirstie Beckman, Emma Redman and Helen King.

The Bolton studio includes kitchen sets, equipment and production suites.

Andrew Kirkcaldy, the firm’s director of marketing, said: “The idea for in-house videos arose when a company approached DRL with a batch of videos from an appliance manufacturer.

“Research shows that 90 per cent of customers used the internet to research products but they weren’t buying online.

“This led us to delve into an 18- month process to bring the experience of looking at appliances in stores online.

“We believed the video reviews would allow consumers to get ‘up close and personal’ with the appliance, therefore giving confidence to those of them looking to buy.

“We think video reviews are hugely important. People are getting used to watching video content online. These reviews brings the products to life and create an instore experience for the customer in the comfort of their own sitting room.”

Media demand for videos and sharing photos is huge, he said, with digital and social media and virtual shopping.

Few other retailers are using online video but it is a growing trend.

The first studio was built in a town centre warehouse but had no sound proofing. Since then, the features have been expanded to include real kitchen sets, better equipment and accommodate inhouse staff