RESIDENTS are to be trained as community champions who deliver energy advice across Bolton, helping people to cut their bills and become more environmentally aware.

Bolton Community Homes has received £47,000 from the Local Energy Assessment Fund, part of which will be spent on the project.

Now 30 residents, made up of social tenants, private tenants and home-owners, will become volunteer community champions.

The volunteers will be given training on a range of issues, in particular energy efficiency and how to get their friends and neighbours involved in the project.

They will also have the chance to participate in an accredited City and Guilds course in energy advice.

The project will be delivered by EnergyWISE which is part of BoltonWISE, a charity which aims to provide relief from the problems of poverty associated with unemployment.

Tim Cook, from EnergyWISE, said: “Once the volunteers have been trained, and once they feel confident as community champions, it is anticipated for them to go out into their communities to provide free bespoke energy advice to their friends, families and neighbours etc.

“Examples of advice that they will be trained to provide include how to find suitable tariffs, how to save energy in the home.

“Advice will be tailored to meet residents’ needs and will include issues such as reduction of energy usage, prevention of condensation and using heating controls.

“The project will result in domestic CO2 reduction, fuel bills savings and health improvements for householders.”

The role will help residents enhance their CVs, develop new skills and give something back to the community.

If you are interested in volunteering on the project, contact EnergyWISE on 01204 537632.