A TRAGIC immigrant had watched a video about committing suicide on the internet on the day he was found dead, an inquest heard.

Piotr Sterna, aged 42, hanged himself at his flat in Hebden Court, Halliwell.

Mr Sterna suffered from depression and had abused alcohol and drugs. He had also talked about committing suicide and had taken an overdose. He had moved to England from Poland with his partner Alicja Pakula in 2004.

His father had taken an overdose and his mother is said to have suffered cancer and also taken a morphine overdose.

Both were alcoholics Miss Pakula, speaking through an interpreter, said: “Piotr’s life was tragic, his childhood had impacted on his adult life and the choices he made. Before his death he watched a video about committing suicide. I went through the history of his internet use, he probably watched it in the evening at about 8pm.”

Miss Pakula who did not watch the video, said she had spoken to Mr Sterna on the day of his death and he had been fine until the evening when he started drinking. Two strong cider bottles were found in the living room.

She added: “I’m sure if he had not drunk on that day, he would not have committed suicide.

“If I had been at home he probably would not have done it either.”

A post-mortem examination revealed Mr Sterna, who worked at Stateside Foods in Westhoughton, was three times over the drink drive limit which would have affected his behaviour.

The cause of death was recorded as hanging.

Mr Sterna was being treated by medical professionals, but did not “engage” with them, wanting to try and help himself.

Deputy Coroner Alan Walsh, who recorded an open verdict, said: “He was planning to go to Poland to meet Miss Pakula’s family and to buy a new mobile phone, not the actions of someone who was about to take their own life. Miss Pakula did not believe he would take the action he took if he had not been under the influence of drink.”