BOLTON Hot Wheels Cycling Club has received the official Olympic stamp of approval.

The club has earned the right to display the coveted London 2012 logo by promoting a three-year health course designed to get nonriding adults up to speed to finish a 160-mile coast to coast ride over three days.

Club chairman Rod Bradshaw said the specialist group evolved from a small band of non-riders four years ago with the specific goal of getting them to complete the course, culminating in the Olympic year.

The last leg, the Gold Level, is from Morecambe to Whitby.

Mr Bradshaw said: “These individuals were passed onto us for medical reasons to help get rehabilitation for weight issues or looking for exercise or for some people to learn to ride a bike with confidence on the roads.

“It is hard for us to imagine not being able to even ride a bike, but these riders have been on a real journey.

“It’s so inspiring for all of us to be associated with the Olympics and then see the real life achievement of our riders.

“When they cross that finishing line, completing the final Gold level of our challenge, it’ll be a special moment.”