A FORMER lawyer, who now works in the fine wine trade, has written a children’s novel — about a boy with cerebral palsy and his problems fitting in at school.

Tony Seymour, aged 31, has released his semi-autobiographical book, The Mermaid in The Gherkin Jar, after working on the novel for the past three years.

The former Bolton School pupil said: “It is about this kid who has cerebral palsy, who has been home tutored, and then he goes to school aged eight and realises how different he is from other children.

“He’s not allowed to play football, which was a key thing that happened to me at school. It separates you from the group.

“He starts getting bullied at school and this is where the fantasy bit comes in.

“The mermaid has a disability of her own and the book is about their relationship and how they both come to terms with their disabilities.”

Mr Seymour studied law at Durham University before going on to work as a corporate lawyer.

He then quit the long hours to work in the family business and is the Fine Wine Consultant at T. Wright Wine in Chorley New Road.

The Kindle book, which is available to download from Amazon for £1.98, is aimed at children aged seven to 11.

Mr Seymour said he was keen to write a children’s book with characters with disabilities as this is something seldom seen in mainstream fiction.

He added: “This is a positive angle on disability, but I don’t want the book to be seen as a book about disability. It is a children’s story in its own right.”

To buy the book, click here or for more information, visit www.themermaidinthegherkinjar.com.