ALMOST three decades after their last studio album, the classic line-up of this seminal band; Midge Ure, Billy Currie, Chris Cross and Warren Cann, have released an album of new material.

The scale and sound of this new album is epic and is a reminder of how great this bad was – and is, and how influential they have been.

The band has never been a part of the mainstream, as Midge Ure says, “We didn’t fit into any musical camp, we straddled them.”

He continues, “At times we were an out-and-out rock band, but we made the sound with synthesisers as well as guitars.”

According to Ure, there is a direct link between the music they did in the eighties and today. “We don’t try and make it sound like that, it’s just what comes out.”

And what has come out this time is truly astonishing.

The opening barrage of Live has the trademark motifs and Flow is pure rock, and with the single and title track Brilliant we have the huge choruses, passionate vocals, driving rhythm and pulsing electronics.

The atmospheric One is a delight and Change is reminiscent of Fade To Grey and is classic Ultravox.

The dramatic Lie is a breath of air after the seemingly austere Fall.

The closing track is called Contact and is Ure’s favourite. “It reflects how technology has taken over our lives and how we communicate through that technology.”

Midge’s vocals throughout the album are excellent and in parts he sounds like a totally different singer, whilst Billy Currie’s violin playing is at it’s best on Satellite.

All in all, it is recognisably Ultravox, but the joy is that it sounds like the eighties, but also contemporary.

Release Date: May 28th 2012.

EMI / Chrysalis Records.