FOOTBALL can relate to a story in numerous ways; a story will draw you in with paragraphs whilst football uses the parallel of our favourite team and the memories that keep us coming back for more, writes Liam Hatton of Horwich .

That’s the beauty of the beautiful game; once you’re drawn in there’s no looking back. I know that better than most as a follower of Bolton Wanderers since birth.

I could draw a handful of memories and justify why I keep putting myself through the ups and downs, the positives far outweigh the negatives, and that for me is enough.

My favourite moment would have to be the win over West Ham back in 2003, the date being April 19 to be precise; I know this because it was my birthday.

I was optimistic and I knew how much this game meant – two teams battling to stay in the top-flight. It was a battle of life or death. A cliché saying you could say, but for us football fans it rings true. I did not remember much from the game, just the goal. I’m not sure any Bolton fan could forget that £16m goal.

It’s something every fan wishes to witness in person - the majestic run, the thunderous shot and the emphatic strut we were accustomed to seeing from Jay-Jay as he wheeled away in celebration.

What came next were scenes of jubilation, 24,000 plus Bolton fans celebrating like we had won the league. The Reebok was a fortress in its day; don’t let anybody tell you different.

As for Jay-Jay - the man so good we named him twice, his goal that day, his numerous performances in that number 10 shirt have written his place in Bolton folklore. The recent comments about our relegation hurt, he may have been right but as fans sometimes what’s right is what we don’t want to hear.

As we enter another season, is it possible to remember our past whilst looking forward to a year outside the top-flight for the first time in over a decade? Actually, the answer might be simpler than you think.