MY mum once said to me, “why do we love Bolton Wanderers so much?” Every answer I supplied she had a response that would shoot me down, writes Martin Eaton .

“It’s the players.” Nope, they leave after a couple of year’s service if we’re lucky. “The manager then?” - Big Sam has just walked out on us so keep going.

“The stadium?” - We loved Burnden Park for years and always will but we still go to the Reebok and if they built a new stadium and called it the 188 Bet Arena we’d moan for a while but then sure enough we’d be plodding down there once a fortnight too.

“The fans” - This is an interesting one, do we simply support each other? Is that what being a supporter is all about? Supporting your peers through thick and thin? Would you stop going if everyone else did?

Supporters may come and go for whatever reason but it wouldn’t affect you attending and if the club didn’t exist anymore it wouldn’t be the fans that you missed….would it?

“The name” - Is it Bolton Wanderers? The name of the club. Its identity.

Its just two words but it does seem that its those two words that we follow round the country supporting. The players, managers, stadium, backroom staff, kits all change year on year or decade on decade but we still go every week safe in the knowledge that one thing will never change – Bolton Wanderers FC .

The two words are what we all follow, we cry together, we sing together, we win or lose together and without those two words we would be slightly lost every Saturday afternoon.

In recent times we have seen teams change the name of the football club and it has seen them form a new club from scratch. You can take our players, you can take our manager, you can change our kit and stadium but you can’t take our FREED…..oh sorry – our name.

AFC Wimbledon proved that changing the identity of the club is the one thing we as supporters will not stand for. We will unite and refuse to start supporting two different words – we’ll stick with the words we know and love thank you very much.

We support two glorious words and we love it!