MARK Davies is a player who has been linked with a move away from The Reebok all summer long, writes Daniel Murphy of Atherton .

At first being touted with a move to Liverpool and now being heavily linked with a move to Swansea to replace the departed Joe Allen. Bolton fans opinions on Davies have been split right in the middle, some believing he is vital to our promotion challenge others feel if the money comes, sell, sell, sell.

Davies is a player with many talents. He is an amazing dribbler, the way he runs with the ball at his feet at full speed is something to be hold. And he has the ability to make things happen in a game but the most frustrating thing with Davies is his inconsistency.

He shows flashes of brilliance but they are just to, too and far between. With Davies you get about two moments a game and for the rest of the game he just floats in and out.

Another thing that hinges Davies' play is the restriction of playing in a 4-4-2. In a 4-4-2 he has defensive responsibilities, and those responsibilities stop him from playing at his best.

In arguably his best game last season, the 3-1 win over Liverpool he played behind the striker in 4-2-3-1 a formation that suits his play as he is allowed to roam and influence the game being completely freed of defensive duties. In my opinion if Davies is in the team we have to play the 4-2-3-1 to get the most of him, at least until Holden is back.

It is also worth noting that he is still young and has time to develop. Last year was his break through season and he did well to be fair, his impact nearly kept us up. He just wasn't consistent enough.

Don't get me wrong I like Mark Davies and I do hope he stays with us, but if Swansea or any club come in for him and are stupid enough go offer the eight million asking price Bolton have out on his head we would be just as stupid to refuse.

He isn't worth that much, not any where near it. But in the inflated market we are in Bolton are doing the right thing by asking for such a steep price, especially since Swansea have money to burn.

One word for Swansea fans, if you do sign him don't expect him to be a replacement for Allen.

He is a completely different player to him, Davies' passing is no where near Allen's quality. To be honest I don't see why Swansea would want him as I said his best position is role free of defensive duties and the position is taken by the impressive Michu. I don't see the move happening but just a word of warning.

I like Davies as a player, and I think he has a big role to play in our season. But to get the most out of him Coyle needs to realise he needs to play in a way that suits his strengths.