A WEEK into the new season and there is already too much to analyse, reflect on, gush over and fret about. Would I have it any other way? Probably not, writes Neil Coleman.

The only place to start is the philosophy Coyle has seemingly adopted since the sobering opener against Burnley, apparently that of Keegan’s Newcastle – you have a go, we have a go. Whether intentional or not, this is how the team’s performances are being interpreted by their bewildered fan base.

While outscoring the opposition is entertaining when it comes off, it is equally infuriating when it doesn’t.

The lively encounter with Forest was hard evidence of this. The game could have quite easily finished with both teams having five goals apiece. And it’s this one dimensional team set up that bothers me the most, in that I can’t decide if I like it.

It’s clear we’re going to score goals, lots of them. But it’s also highly evident we’re going to concede on a regular basis too, hence our need to outscore the opposition. We’ve played pockets of genuinely incisive, attacking football, but have allowed the opposition to simply plunder us with ease on far too many occasions.

It is obvious to all that a defensive midfielder is an absolute must. Spearing would be a fine signing at this level. But any additional signings in midfield would bring us up to six central midfielders, and with Coyle keen to play his favoured 4-4-2, that means a few unhappy players.

A couple of which won’t even make the bench. On a personal level, I want to see Vela introduced this season and feel that players like Pratley may prove to be an obstacle.

Perhaps there is the potential for outgoings as well as someone coming in. I include Mark Davies in this bracket. My ‘patience well’ has finally run dry and it surprises me to see Phil Gartside demand £8million for him. Despite his clear talent, he’s consistently ineffectual.

But after three games in, we’re still no clearer on how this season is going to pan out. It won’t be predictable, that’s for sure.