EXTERMNINATE! Westhoughton residents could be forgiven for doing a double take when the town was invaded by a Dalek.

The model was brought to Westhoughton for an exhibition, organised by Cllr Kevan Jones, at Westhoughton Market.

The Mayor of Westhoughton, Cllr Ryan Battersby, took to the streets with the Dalek to boost funds for his two mayoral charities, Ovarian Cancer UK and KiDs in Bolton.

With the charity box on the Dalek’s arm, £182 was raised for the causes.

The Dalek took its owner, from Wigan two years to build, and attracted crowds of people as it paraded through the streets.

The exhibition also included homemade models from across the North West, ranging from battle tanks to lifeboats. Cllr Battersby, aged 22, said: “The model exhibition was held in aid of my mayoral charities. I took the Dalek on the streets and everybody was gathering around it.

“It was brilliant to see so many people out in the market. There were people of all ages there. There were older men and lots of young boys and girls.”