IT HAS low Crime rates, affordable homes, leafy streets and great schools and — for the second year running — Bromley Cross has made it into one of the top 10 places to live in the country.

The village was chosen from a list of 2,400 postcodes across England, looking at a range of factors that would impact a family’s decision-making process when choosing where to live, and was placed seventh on the list.

Last year, Bromley Cross made it to fifth place.

The second Family Friendly Hotspots Report revealed average salaries in Bromley Cross are £31,918 — well over the national average of £24,170.

Other factors the report said would make the area popular included strong school results and property affordability — a two-bedroomed house in Bromley Cross at £141,686 is much cheaper than the national average of £176,656.

Crime rates were also shown to be lower than half the national average.

Analysts used Land Registry information, police figures, Ofsted reports, ONS population data and quality of early years care to build up a detailed picture of each postcode in England and Wales.

Other considerations included access to green spaces and parks, local leisure centres and museums and theatres.

Ward councillor Alan Wilkinson said: “This just shows how good Bromley Cross is. It is such a pleasant place and the people are pleasant. We have good schools and access to the countryside, we are just on the edge of the moors.

“It is one of the healthiest places in Bolton and people live longer here.”

Turton High School headteacher John Porteous said: “Bromley Cross is a lovely place to bring up a family. There is a great choice of primary and secondary schools and a genuine sense of community. It’s like a big village.”

Estate agent Deirdre Golding said there is always demand for homes in Bromley Cross.

The 62-year-old owner of JG Independent in Darwen Road, added: “Bromley Cross has a village atmosphere and we find plenty of people want to move here from other parts of Bolton.

“There are also great transport links including the excellent train service.”