CURVED Air is one of those Prog Rock bands that never quite had the commercial success enjoyed by many of their counterparts, but garnered a huge and loyal following.

And let’s not forget that they had Sonja Kristina, the first female to front a rock band.

The band reformed in 2008 after a sabbatical of18 years and today, four years on, the band still has Sonja out front, and original drummer Florian Pilkington Miksa as well as Paul Sax, Chris Harris, Kit Morgan and Robert Norton.

This live album was recorded during their Atmosphere tour of 2010 and 2011 and features some great new versions of their early-seventies repertoires such as It Happened Today and their top five hit Back Street Luv.

Selecting the tracks after the first leg of the tour, Kristina couldn’t very well leave out the fan favourites such as Marie Antoinette, Phantasmagoria and Melinda.

The old magic is still there as the band play with feeling and expertise.

“We recorded this album,” says Kristina, “to capture the invention and interplay of these virtuoso musicians.”

“There is a great chemistry and communication in the band.” She states.

The legacy of the original band is more than faithfully enhanced by the contemporary version of the band and with a new live album promised for 2013, there is indeed much to look forward to.

A bonus DVD accompanies the album with a performance of the instrumental Armin and footage from backstage during the tour.

Release date: 12th November.
Curved Air Records – CRVE 001.