A TAXI driver with debts totalling more than £30,000 hanged himself after a weekend of drinking, an inquest heard.

Barry McDonald was found in the bedroom of his house in Gleneagles, Bolton, on January 29, by his fiancée, Lilian Griffiths.

Area coroner Alan Walsh said at the hearing in Bolton, Mr McDonald, aged 35, had died a ‘troubled individual’ following issues with alcohol and credit card debts. His family later fund he had debts totalling £30,000.

The court heard how Mr McDonald, known as Baz, who had struggled with depression, had begun drinking heavily on Friday, January 27.

Ms Griffiths said: “He came home from work and had been drinking.

“My grandson Alfie was round playing and Baz was wandering around upstairs, just walking from room to room.

“I told him ‘if you get some sleep you know you will feel better’.

“I got into bed with Alfie and Alfie said Baz was to get in bed with us that night because I told him he wasn’t well.

“He got in and Alfie fell asleep with his hands around him because he said he was going to make him feel better.”

The following evening Mr McDonald bought up to 150 diazepam tablets which were delivered to his house.

Ms Griffiths said: “He took five that night and he had more to drink.

“He had two cases of 12 bottles of wine in his car and the next morning when I checked the car he only had one case left. At the time he told me he wasn’t drinking and he bought them to sell.”

The court heard how Mr McDonald had barely slept over the weekend before he got into bed on Sunday morning.

Later that day, Mr McDonald, who had written notes to family members up to six weeks before he died, which he stored in a bedside cabinet, was found in the bedroom after hanging himself.

Recording a narrative conclusion, Mr Walsh said: “He died as a consequence of self-suspension by ligature but his intentions at the time are unclear.”