A FAMILY of a Bolton mother who died from cancer have spoken of the powerful memories she left behind.

Priscilla Martin battled a rare cancer of the appendix before her death on July 22 at St Joseph’s Hospice in London, just two days after getting married.

Mum to nine-year-old Rocco and three-year-old Geno, the 46-year-old grew up in Breightmet with her parents Susan and Kenneth and sisters Carla and Isabel.

Isabel, aged 40 from Bromley Cross, said: “Her love for her boys, sisters, mum and dad, that will never die. That was what she always told us.

“We may not be able to see her, feel her, touch her, but her love will be with us every day.

“We will cry and miss her but also smile because she has been in our lives and created such life and laughter for us. That’s what we will most remember.

“The love we feel inside will never go away.”

Priscilla attended Thornleigh School and went on to study at Bolton College, where she became a qualified hairdresser and beauty therapist.

After spending most of her life working in Bolton, she moved to Tenerife at the age of 24 and then finally settled in London where she started her family.

Miss Martin added: “Her time was 100 per cent devoted to those two boys, wherever she went, they went.

“All she did was to be the best mum she could ever be. She would say that’s what she was born to do.

“We say to them, you’re made up of half of mummy. That laugh you give out when you find something funny, that’s your mummy in you.”

In March last year Priscilla received a sudden cancer diagnosis and underwent a intrusive operation as well as chemo and radiotherapy.

Miss Martin explained: “She said one day she would out of this pain, the pain she suffered was just too much.”

Priscilla spent her last two weeks in the London hospice but had planned to move her care closer to home.

It was during this time that she married her long-term partner and father of her children, Mark Ryan, in a intimate ceremony surround by close friends and family.

Tonight her family will gather together in her memory at the Bolton Hospice Light up a Life service in Bolton Parish Church, and have also dedicate a star on the charity’s virtual online night sky.

The event is held in memory of loved ones who have died from cancer and life limiting illnesses.

Miss Martin added: “There is going to be a lot of smiling and love in our hearts. That’s what she would want.

“She would always tell us ‘It is a brand new 24 hours. Make the most of those 24 hours’.

“This is the first Christmas without Priscilla for our family.

“Being able to light up the night sky with Priscilla’s photograph and personal message for us brings so much comfort and peace because it confirms our belief that Priscilla is still around us and especially her two boys and even though life has ended love, peace and courage has never died for us.”