ACTION to resolve parking issues at a railway station plagued by overcrowding is being looked at, passengers have been assured.

However, as transport bosses say they have no plans to expand the car park at Bromley Cross station, councillors admit the options are limited.

Passengers have long been frustrated by the 71 parking spaces at the busy commuter station being taken up by people driving in from Darwen to access cheaper tickets.

Transport for Greater Manchester carried out a survey of car park users at the station last week but say an expansion is not on the agenda, while Bromley Cross councillor David Greenhalgh says that ideas to create new parking areas on nearby sites have not come to fruition.

He said: “Parking at the station is a huge issue for the growing number of local commuters, which is exacerbated by the growing number of people who drive across the county boundary from North Turton and Darwen in order to access cheaper subsidised fares.

“We have met with Highways Officers in the past along with Transport for Greater Manchester to look at re-lining the car park to see any expansion potential, which drew a blank.

“Even looking at the potential for a further tier to the car park, which is far from ideal and would have to go through any formal planning procedure.

“We were in talks with the possibility of using the former Hollands Garden Centre Site before it became a site of interest within the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

“And it is certainly frustrating when the old Dawsons site opposite is now being proposed for apartments, with completely inadequate parking provision, when that site would have made a superb additional car park for the station.”

Bolton Council has recently unveiled proposals to introduce new parking restrictions on streets around the Chapeltown Road and Grange Road area, in response to safety concerns from nearby schools and residents.

Shuttle buses and car share arrangements are now being considered to alleviate the growing congestion.

Cllr Greenhalgh added: “We are currently looking at potential for shuttle buses to the station around Egerton and Bromley Cross, drive shares where commuters formally arrange to park their drive on a local unused drive for a nominal fee, and possible car share arrangements.

“The new proposed restrictions have come as direct requests from local schools, road safety and visibility issues to protect the shoulders at the entrances to roads off Chapeltown Road, or serial problems of inconsiderate parking.

“These aren’t easy decisions, weighing up the needs of commuters and the needs of local residents.

“The bottom line is we need more designated parking, and I can assure you we are looking into all the limited options currently available.”

The proposed new parking restrictions would introduce no waiting regulations on many streets, some of which would be 24/7 and some in force from 9am to 3pm on weekdays.

A Bolton Council spokesman said: “We are looking to introduce waiting restrictions on a number of streets near the train station following safety concerns from local residents.

“We have spoken and written to residents and local councillors about the proposals.

“We will consider all the feedback we have received before any changes are implemented.

“A report on the final proposals is due to be submitted early next year.”