SUPER-SLIMMER Loraine Perkins has halved her body weight – in just two years.

Loraine weighed 20 stone in Christmas 2015 and said she used to spend time sitting around at home and eating all the wrong foods.

The inspirational 58-year-old, from Crosby Road in Heaton,

But after getting a leaflet through the door for Claire Hunter's Slimming World groups at Kings Church Centre and Devonshire Road Primary School, she decided to pop around to a session in January 2016.

Now Loraine, who works at St Mary's Church of England Primary School, weighs around 11 stone and puts her success down to food preparation, adding that it is not about just eating less.

She said: "I decided to go along to the group and it turned out to be the day that changed my life. I weighed in at 20 stone and 12 pounds.

"I was mortified but Claire reassured me I would never see that number again. My first week I lost 10 pounds which spurred me on for the next week.

"I stayed to group every week to keep me on track and get new ideas. I love Slimming World as no food is off limits and I can still enjoy my favourite cooked breakfasts and curries.

"Before joining Slimming World I would often skip breakfast then rely on packets of crisps, chips, takeaways, anything I could grab and go.

"Now I enjoy a healthy breakfast, homemade soups for lunch and even have chips. Only now I make my Slimming World chips. I love a glass of wine and being able to enjoy this and still lose weight is just brilliant.

"I have now reached my target weight having lost nine stone and gone from a size 28 to a 14."

The change has give her a new lease of life both at work and at home, and in October 2016 she and her husband Andrew, aged 50, decided to finally get married.

She said: "I felt beautiful on our wedding day and received so many compliments.

"My health has improved and I'm enjoying life again. I can even chase around after the children in the playground and sit on the floor with them now!

"I rarely went out before Slimming World because I felt embarrassed about my size. Now I walk around with my head held high with renewed confidence.

"That leaflet popping through my door literally saved my life."